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Re: Potential Prefix Hijack

  • From: Eduardo Ascenço Reis
  • Date: Wed Nov 12 07:53:06 2008

Dear Fellows,

I would like to add some information to this thread from AS27664 perspective.

Both AS27664 (CTBC Multimídia) and AS22548 ( share two common points:
1. They are IP transit customers from AS16735 (CTBC Telecom).
2. They feed with full BGP routing table the RIS/RIPE project located
at PTTMetro-SP, Brazil (rrc15).

I checked all BGP updates of 2008111[01] from Route Views Archive
Project [1] and looked for prefixes originated by AS16735. I compared
those with the prefixes officially allocated by to AS16735
[2] and did not find any case o prefixes from different AS. This
analyses confirms that yesterday AS16735 issue of IP prefixes
Hijacking was not globally propagated.

It seems that only some AS16735's Internet customers (like AS27664 and
AS22548) were affect by this problem.



Eduardo Ascenço Reis