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Re: spurring transition to ipv6 -- make it faster

  • From: Nathan Ward
  • Date: Fri Oct 17 20:23:40 2008

On 18/10/2008, at 12:18 AM, Michael Simpson wrote:

On 10/16/08, Truman Boyes <[email protected]> wrote:
It's a good point that you brought up.

Even though we already have IPv6 P2P (Nathan's post explains this in more
detail), it would still be quite interesting to provide IPv6 as a higher
class of traffic within service provider networks.

As long as none of your ipv6 traffic transits across anything from British Telecom as it is not supported on their 21st Century Network

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Yeah, except Teredo and 6to4 solve that problem for us today and are enabled by default on Vista and are used by p2p applications.


Nathan Ward