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spurring transition to ipv6 -- make it faster

  • From: Scott Doty
  • Date: Tue Oct 14 15:49:38 2008

We've had one presentation on the "unfairness" of p2p traffic, which
(the presenter says) will eventually swamp us.

Then just now, we had the presentation & subsequent discussion re: ipv6

Just wondering:  what if we gave ipv6 traffic "mucho priority" over ipv4
traffic, then tell our user communities that ipv6 provides a better
quality network experience, including (hopefully) faster page loads, &
lower video game pings?

With such policies in place, folks wouldn't want to stay with the "old,
slow" v4 traffic...and could be a significant selling point.

After all, if most p2p traffic is v4, prioritizing ipv6 (as a general concept) should improve the user experience.

Anyway, was just an idea, please pardon me if this has been discussed
before, or sounds nutty...