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Re: transcievers/amplifiers for 150 km fiber run

  • From: Fletcher Kittredge
  • Date: Fri Oct 10 16:23:20 2008

Thanks to all that replied.   A bit more background:   By regulation, the
local ILEC is required to supply us with dark fiber where available.   They
have taken the regulatory stance that it is not technically possible to use
dark fiber runs of more than 60 miles (prior, their regulatory stance was
runs of more than twenty miles were not technically feasible.)  Our
counter-argument has been that we have existing fiber runs of 63 miles and
59 miles that work well without special equipment.   We are now arguing
about a particular fiber run in rural Maine of about 91 miles.   Our
position is it is technically feasible, depending on fiber characteristics,
to light 91 miles of fiber.  Their position is that runs of more than 60
miles are not feasible.   I was hoping to bolster our argument by pointing
to data sheets of optical transcievers rated up to 150 km.  Then, after we
get the fiber, I was hoping to buy said equipment.


On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Fletcher Kittredge
<[email protected]>wrote:

> We are looking to light a two strand fiber link of about 95 miles (or
> 150km).   It would be worth a lot to us not to have repeaters.   We are
> hoping for Gigabit Ethernet.   Sonet is possible but a less attractive
> solution.  Are there options for this sort of distance?   The longest
> current link we have is about 65 miles.  I understand the transmission
> characteristics of the fiber will effect distance of transmission.
> regards,
> Fletcher
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