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  • From: Ernie Rubi
  • Date: Wed Oct 01 00:41:23 2008

Hi folks, just musing...

From an ops perspective, wonder just how much traffic caused:

"This morning, our engineers sounded the alarms ... and we have installed a digital version of a traffic cop. We enacted stopgaps that we planned for last night. We had hoped we didn't have to."
--Jeff Ventura, communications director for the House's chief administrator. (from

Don't .govs have enough b/w or at least ability to add b/w in order to satisfy their 'public outreach/information' role? (not a rhetorical question...hehe)

It also seems to me that adding load balancing, firewall, throttling, etc methods for traffic shaping might actually make the problem worse by adding yet another layer(s) of hardware/software that may be prone to bottlenecking or overloading.


Ernie M. Rubi
Network Engineer
Florida International Univ, Miami