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Re: default routes question or any way to do the rebundant

  • From: JC Dill
  • Date: Mon Mar 24 01:27:05 2008

[email protected] wrote:
Inet-access used be a good place for finding that type of
information, but that list seems to be on life-support these days.

<ob python>

It's not dead yet!


Ask a good question in inet-access and you will get a lot of answers, both on and off list.

The reason the list isn't very active is that its former "support new ISPs" role is unfortunately dwindling as the telcos keep selling ISP services for less-than-wholesale and independent ISPs can't compete and fold or sell-out to the telcos.

For anyone who wants to join this low volume (but bursty) list, see:

As to the original question, it would be useful to review the NANOG FAQ before posting, especially if one is new to the list. Among the many useful tidbits of information is this one:


Q: How do I know if a router configuration question is on-topic or not?
A: If your question is "how do I do <foo> on a <bar> router?", this question is best asked on one of the router-specific mailing lists below. If your question is "How do I get <vendor A> and <vendor B>'s implementations to work together?" then that question is on-topic for NANOG. Platform-specific lists include:

Cisco routers cisco-nsp
Juniper routers
Foundry routers
Riverstone routers