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RE: default routes question or any way to do the rebundant

  • From: andrew2
  • Date: Fri Mar 21 17:25:41 2008

Scott McGrath wrote:
> If we do not help the newbies how will they ever become clued.   I can
> certainly remember when I did not know a bit from a byte.

I agree, but I question if NANOG is the appropriate medium for such help.  I
tend to (maybe mistakenly) assume a working knowledge of basic multihoming
concepts is essentially a prerequisite for active participation on the NANOG
mailing list.  Isn't this akin to posting to a profesional mathematics forum
asking for help with your Algebra?  I know I read the list for high-level
discussions of the issues facing North American network operators, not for a
rehash of multihoming 101.  Certainly helping to educate newcomers can go a
long way towards making all of lives easier, but that seems outside the
scope of NANOG-L.  If NANOG isn't the appropriate forum for those types of
discussions, what is?  Where should we be referring people to have clue
bestowed upon them?

Is there a lack of alternatives out there for such discussion?  [vendor]-nsp
seems like a decent choice for questions such as the one that sparked this
discussion.  Inet-access used be a good place for finding that type of
information, but that list seems to be on life-support these days.  Would it
be appropriate for NANOG to start such a list?  (NANOG Lite?)  Would anyone
bother subscribing/participating?  Or are the available alternatives

Andrew Cruse