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Re: Mailing list newbies suggestion

  • From: Keith O'Neill
  • Date: Sat Mar 22 20:30:38 2008

I am not sure why this is an issue. Someone asked a question about multihoming and the way I see it if you don't want to respond to it or don't want to read it than don't. Why does this have to be a major issue. I read what I want and respond to what I want. I think the rest of the community can do the same.

I like the idea of a wiki is a great idea but who really wants to maintain it or update it? Anyways I see nothing wrong in someone asking for help in NANOG. I would think that anyone who wanted to help would just respond offline or on the list and give it, if you are not someone that wants to help then just ignore it, not really that hard.

I see more BS conversations about nothing than the one about someone asking for multihoming.

On a side note, cause someone does not multihome does not make them a newbie.

Flame on....

Pando Networks

Brian Dickson wrote:

Here's a suggestion - perhaps it should go to nanog-futures, not sure...

Since newbies have to first subscribe before they can post...

Why not have the subscription procedure include sending the newbie
a link to a page with newbie-related material,
much like the nanog page on tools and resources,
or perhaps a wiki (so that other list members can update it,
to minimize the impact to their mailing-list joy that newbies
appear to cause)?