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Re: Interpersonal skills needed for Network Engineers

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Sat Feb 16 23:21:39 2008

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008, Joel Jaeggli wrote:

There is a topical tutorial for people attending nanog 42 sunday afternoon...

To emphasize the OT but important point..

I wish medical doctors were taught this as well. Although a ghastly over-simplification, most M.D.'s any of us will ever meet are technicians. Very advanced and qualified ones, but technicians.

1. Analyze what the problem might be by examining sympthoms.
2. They debug, one by one, by likelihood.

Analysis varies depending on the M.D. Debugging shouldn't.

Some never learned how debugging works. One example is a friend of mine whose doctor tried to give 6 different medications at once to solve the unknown problem.

My friend's question was, after asking why not try one by one (he wasn't near death, so this wasn't an emergency response situation):
"What if my sympthoms go away, which medication(s) do you stop?"

Some of us may be more open to examples from realms not relating to routers and switches. :)


   -- Avi Freedman to Gadi Evron in a Chinese restaurant, Boston 2007.