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RE: OT: Vendors Using NANOG for a Sales Channel

  • Date: Sat Oct 27 11:24:53 2007

Just for the purpose of clarification - it was not the NANOG list that our
salesperson was using.  However, because the gentleman who brought it to our
attention cc'd NANOG - we apologized here as well.

Again -- very sorry for the distraction this created.

Kind regards,

Director of Sales & Purchasing
Choice Resale LLC

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On 10/26/07, Scott Weeks <[email protected]> wrote:

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> --- [email protected] wrote:
> From: David Ulevitch <[email protected]>
> Often times when I get these (and it's pretty often) I just take their
> email address and add it to my list of people we send out RFQs to.

[..and.. ]

> You obviously haven't had the experiences that some have had with sales
folks that use >this method.  Some are like the little Chihuahua that won't
quit trying to hump your leg.  >No matter how many times you tell them
you're not going to "do it" they keep trying.

The AUP that we ( the NANOG MLC) presented to the "community" at NANOG
41, which seemed to have wide support,  contained a new provision to
deal with this problem.

Hopefully, the "steering" committee will step up to the plate and approve