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Re: OT - spam from Choice Resale

  • From: David Ulevitch
  • Date: Wed Oct 24 17:32:25 2007

Chris Woodfield wrote:
Please be assured that thanks to this spam, Choice Resale will never be considered as a candidate for my network resale needs.

In this day and age, while perhaps unsolicited, it's far from the spam that overwhelms my mail servers and annoys my users.

Often times when I get these (and it's pretty often) I just take their email address and add it to my list of people we send out RFQs to. The worst thing that happens is that they come back with a good price, good service and boom, I've found a new vendor.

I'm not justifying the unsolicited email you got, but it's hardly a high crime worthy of annoying Cisco-NSP and NANOG. Nor was it worthy of trying to publicly shame somebody who might not know any better.

Bad netiquette isn't combated with more bad netiquette.