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OT - spam from Choice Resale

  • From: Chris Woodfield
  • Date: Wed Oct 24 15:47:35 2007


I'm guessing that you've scraped my email address from one or more professional mailing lists (NANOG, cisco-nap, et al).

Being in this business, you should probably know that unsolicited marketing emails such as these, even when targeted, are *highly* frowned upon and do very little to enhance your company's reputation. Most call it "spam". More to the point, they annoy the hell out of me personally.

Please be assured that thanks to this spam, Choice Resale will never be considered as a candidate for my network resale needs.

NANOG, cisco-nsp: any of you get this too?

On Oct 24, 2007, at 3:03 PM, Jenny Kuntz wrote:

Hi Chris-

I wanted to introduce my company as we specialize in finding creative ways to service your hardware needs and stretch you or your client's IT budgets. Choice Resale can buy (or taking on trade) your old or unused network hardware, including such manufacturers as Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Foundry and more.

The company was started to help brokers liquidate equipment on the secondary market. Originally a broker-to-broker company, we have now branched out to bring our market knowledge and value directly to end users. Our experience and connections ensure that you get the maximum value for each piece of equipment... often equipment that seemingly has no residual value.

In addition to buying, we also have an in-house inventory and large network of resources for new, pre-owned and refurbished equipment. And, if not in our inventory, we go the extra mile to procure that obsolete or hard-to-find part and get it to you in the time frame that you need.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can best help you with your network hardware needs. I would also be more than happy to provide you with a bid for any of your deinstalled equipment.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Kind regards,

Jenny Kuntz
Account Executive
[email protected]