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Re: Geographic map of IPv6 availability

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Mon Oct 15 06:27:30 2007

On 15-okt-2007, at 11:50, Nathan Ward wrote:

The way I read the portion of the thread related to resolver behavoir
was that the resolver behavior was being discussed. Not the client.
The resolver should have an attribute to select the preference between
A vs. AAAA. Otherwise, it's setting network policy through code.

How is using an address that is present "setting network policy"?

For those who missed it - OS level address selection policy won't apply to BIND without specific code, as BIND is a recursive resolver so won't be calling getaddrinfo(3).

(I missed that we were talking about BIND in my previous message, by the way. Sorry.)

Some quick experimentation suggests that BIND ignores the policy table and just round robins (or something that looks like it) through all available addresses. Try some different non-existing hostnames under, which has two NS records that both have an IPv4 address and one has one IPv6 address and the other one has two.