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Re: Geographic map of IPv6 availability

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Sun Oct 14 13:54:11 2007

On 14-okt-2007, at 19:34, Martin Hannigan wrote:

Is this a configurable option for the inverse behavoir? Seems to me
that it should be since it affects the user experience and sets policy
for the network. It just may be, but I can't find the option if it is.

If you have FreeBSD or Windows you can manipulate the "policy table" to make this happen.

It's a bit too complex to explain how this works in a post though, but try:

# ip6addrctl show


netsh>interface ipv6
netsh interface ipv6>show prefixpolicy

RFC 3484 provides background info. And of course any IPv6 book worth its salt explains it all in great detail. :-)