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Re: Sun Project Blackbox / Portable Data Center

  • From: Andy Davidson
  • Date: Sun Oct 14 05:40:30 2007

On 14 Oct 2007, at 01:26, Jim Popovitch wrote:

- New Media / Web 2.0

I understand what Lorell means - the web 2.0 scaling model is to throw resources, rather than intelligence at your bottlenecks.

I met some 'web 2' people at a conference quite recently, and they were telling me their platform scales because they can keep throwing servers at a cluster and performance increases. Problem is that it needs to scale early, and scale often. I asked if any of them understood the power requirements of a typical server, whether they'd heard of the power constraints in the datacentres that they'd all heard of, and how this model affected their new company's OSS costs long-term, and none of them knew.

Scaling meant something else when I was solving these problems for the first time.