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RE: Sun Project Blackbox / Portable Data Center

  • From: Lorell Hathcock
  • Date: Sat Oct 13 18:09:58 2007

That’s the issue with these things.  It seems that everyone likes the idea, but no one wants to be the early adopters.


It was pointed out to me that Google has patented the idea, but yet Sun has working on Project Blackbox for a couple of years.  I wonder if there will be a legal battle between the two over this.


The concept of a portable data center is seems like it could have some very specific uses.  Others?


-      Military

-      Geo Physical / Seismic

-      Disaster Recovery

-      New Media / Web 2.0


The same box could also serve these industries with the same buildings but in a permanent location.  Others?


-      Telecommunications / Fiber

-      Semi-Permanent Data Centers




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On 10/12/07, Lorell Hathcock <[email protected]> wrote:


Has anyone seen one of these things in real life?


I hear that there's been one sighted in Houston.  I would love to take a tour.


Also, is anyone using anything like this?  It seems like they would make great fiber huts.




I also find this very interesting but don't really know of anyone who has deployed this in their business