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Re: Routing public traffic across county boundaries in Europe

  • From: Arien Vijn
  • Date: Fri Jul 27 06:38:42 2007

On Jul 27, 2007, at 6:14 AM, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:


(And I've repeatedly heard that in the Netherlands, for some time in the past at
least, the way the ISPs got rid of the lawful intercept obligation was
to have the AMS-IX send a copy of *all* the traffic to the government
black box. Not that they had to do that, but it was the easiest /
cheapest way.)


That is complete and utter nonsens. That never ever happend.

As everybody can see in the public member list [1] on the AMS-IX website, the Dutch police (AS16147) is connected via 100Mbit/s port. They are just another member, nothing more nothing less.

Encrypted and signed tapped traffic from lawful interceptions may be send from the Dutch ISPs to the police via peering. That traffic may go over AMS-IX indeed. The Dutch ISP are obligated to apply these taps on *access-lines* after some form of legal order. They have to have the the right procedures and equipment to do that (at their own costs) [2].

-- Arien

Arien Vijn
Amsterdam Internet Exchange

[2] (In Dutch) paginas/faq.html