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Re: Why do we use facilities with EPO's?

  • From: Jason LeBlanc
  • Date: Thu Jul 26 15:42:53 2007

I do. Hurricane Wilma, blew the roof off our building, water pouring in pooling under the floor and onto the PDUs and UPS (800amps of 480v). We wanted to save the data on the servers, had to hit the EPO to enter the room (anyone have an idea of how far that much power would arc?). It was STILL quite scary since the batteries were still charged, I actually flipped the breaker on the UPS. Not fun to be around that much power when there is a lot of water. Only time I've ever seen an EPO hit in person.

Jerry Pasker wrote:

I've always wondered who died or was injured and caused the EPO to come in to existence. There have been lots of "EPO caused downtime" stories, but does anyone on the NANOG list even have one single "Thank God for the EPO" story? I'll feel better about the general state of the world if I know that the EPO actually has a real valid use that has been ACTUALLY PROVEN IN PRACTICE rather than just in someone's mind.

-Jerry <----Is so anti EPO, he has no remote EPO buttons, and even has the irrational fear about the jumper on the "EPO terminal strip" inside his UPSes coming undone.