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Measurement data on transit traffic in IP routers?

  • From: Chris Develder
  • Date: Sun Feb 18 06:04:43 2007

Hi All,

In preparation of a course, I'm looking for reference material (paper, report, talk...) giving real world data on the amount of transit traffic (ie. not locally dropped or added, but passing through to other (backbone) routers) in a "typical" edge router of a core network, esp. ratio of local vs passthrough traffic (is it 30%, 40%...?) -- I don't need absolute figures, just realistic estimates of that ratio.

Any help in locating such references would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Chris Develder, PhD
Ghent University - IBBT, Dept. of Information Technology (INTEC), IBCN
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BE-9050 Gent, Belgium

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