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Re: Do routers prioritize control traffic?

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Sun Feb 18 01:08:53 2007

Thus spake "Christos Papadopoulos" <[email protected]>
I know routers today have the ability to prioritize traffic, but last I heard,
these controls are not often used for user traffic (let's not discuss
net neutrality here).

They're not often used on _public_ networks for user traffic. They're used extensively on _private_ networks, though, because the people paying the bills for network do so for a particular business purpose and they want to make sure it's met.

Are they used for control (e.g., routing) traffic?

Many routers automatically put control traffic to/from the local node into a separate path that completely bypasses the standard queueing mechanisms (and predates operator-accessible QOS). In other routers, the control plane and forwarding plane are segregated, which achieves the same goal but with a rather different approach.


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