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RE: Question about SLAs

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Fri Feb 09 17:29:05 2007

On February 9, 2007 at 08:32 [email protected] (Fox,Thomas) wrote:

All good stuff (you can find the note) but I'd like to point out:

 > 3. Pay all of your bill except for the disputed portion. Include with every
 > payment a "SLA CREDIT REQUEST" form that you complete, detailing
 > the reasons why you feel you are owed a credit, including the ticket
 > history, etc. Then, every month, include that documentation, and
 > copies of all other correspondence you've sent... until it is resolved.

Read your contract carefully, it often disallows exactly this and
allows them to apply payments as they see fit which means they can
treat your account delinquent and proceed that way even if you believe
you're due a credit.

I also believe the law tends to agree with that, as a rule of thumb,
you can't withhold a priori, except in specific cases like tenant law
where an immediately dangerous condition persists due to landlord
negligence, broken furnace in winter, etc. That is, it require more
urgency than just "I think I'm due this".

But, IANAL, and in practice it might of course force the issue since
neither side is likely to sue anyhow unless a lot of money is

        -Barry Shein

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