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RE: broken DNS proxying at public wireless hotspots

  • From: Lasher, Donn
  • Date: Sun Feb 04 00:25:16 2007

>If so, how do you configure your client operating system of choice to
use the novel, un-proxied ports instead of using
> port 53?

* Set up the profile, to your house/work/etc, of your favorite SSH
client to forward port 53 local to port 53 on your remote machine.
* Make sure your SSH Profile connects to your house/work/etc via IP, not
* make sure there is some sort of DNS server running on the target of
your SSH session
* make sure your SSH server supports forwarded ports
* connect to your house/work/etc.
* repoint your local DNS client config to
* browse at will
* (don't forget to undo this later or risk losing your sanity....)

Same type of config works great for HTTP (with squid, and browser proxy
settings) etc..