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ien116 nameserver on port 42

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Sun Feb 04 04:54:33 2007

Shows how to implement the good old ien 116 nameserver and how
to query it. It runs from the inetd. No need to have it waste
memory and cpu all the time.

Run an ien 116 nameserver at home and query it, using your
laptop. Next maintain your /etc/hosts

I hope your laptop reads /etc/hosts or the windows hosts file
before querying DNS. Mine do.

Except for the Mac there is no way short from a firewall to
convince your laptop to use another port than 53 for DNS.

But why not run your personal dns-server, bind or djbdns.
they both can use other ports than 53.

Kind regards Peter and Karin

Lasher, Donn wrote:

If so, how do you configure your client operating system of choice to

use the novel, un-proxied ports instead of using

port 53?

* Set up the profile, to your house/work/etc, of your favorite SSH
client to forward port 53 local to port 53 on your remote machine.
* Make sure your SSH Profile connects to your house/work/etc via IP, not
* make sure there is some sort of DNS server running on the target of
your SSH session
* make sure your SSH server supports forwarded ports
* connect to your house/work/etc.
* repoint your local DNS client config to
* browse at will
* (don't forget to undo this later or risk losing your sanity....)

Same type of config works great for HTTP (with squid, and browser proxy
settings) etc..

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