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Re: Bogon Filter - Please check for 77/8 78/8 79/8

  • From: Allan Houston
  • Date: Mon Dec 11 10:40:53 2006

Scott Morris wrote:
So we're saying that a lawsuit is an intelligent method to force someone
else to correct something that you are simply using to avoid the irritation
of manually updating things yourself???

That seems to be the epitomy of laziness vs. litigousness. 


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On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, Jack Bates wrote:

Allan Houston wrote:
This probably isn't helped much by sites like 
still showing these ranges as bogons..

They've ignored all my attempts to get them to update so far.. sigh..

They just need someone using the address space to slap them with a


I've spent a fairly substantial amount of time over the last few weeks attempting to get ISPs / hosting centers / little Johnny's server in his mom's basement to debogonise my prefix.

I can tell you that I've heard no less than four times from networking bods that we're still listed as a bogon on, that they don't think they need to update their filters etc etc.

So while I agree entirely that you shouldn't use these sites for accurate filters, we have to recognise that in an imperfect world there are some people who do choose to use them, no matter how silly we feel it is..

Guess the point I'm making is that chasing down bad bogons is a frustrating enough task without an alledgedly accurate listing site posting out of date info.

PS - if anyone has a networking contact at , please send me a mail because I'm getting hair loss I can ill afford trying to get them to remove their bogon filters.