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friends? you got friends?

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Tue Sep 12 23:04:14 2006

> Try looking at it from an outsider's point of view instead. If you're new 
> to dealing with ARIN, it is not uncommon to find the process is absolutely 
> baffling, frustrating, slow, expensive, and requiring intrusive disclosure 
> just shy of an anal cavity probe.

	as is dealing with pretty much any bureaucracy for which you
	are a novice. (FedWire/CBD anyone? :)

> In any kind of free market system, competition would have bitchslapped the 
> current ARIN way of doing things a long, long time ago. Personally I find 
> the single most compelling reason to move to IPv6 to be the removal of any 
> justification for ARIN's continued existance in its current form.

	but its not "free-market" is it.

> Somehow I suspect the only folks who wouldn't welcome this are the ones 
> who benefit from the one thing ARIN is actually good at doing, namely 
> paying for frequent business class travel and accomodations to exotic 
> locations around the world under the pretense of "meetings". Hrm guess I 
> had better offer dinner in St Louis is on me for whichever one of my 
> friends on the "ARIN travel plan" complains about this post first. :)

	while not i'm particularly enamored of the current status quo,
	it has the distinct advantage of being member-driven.  and that
	means if the members want a change, there is a clear path for 
	that change to occur.  and perhaps its my particular POV, but 
	arin members do seem adept at making "disruptive" changes in 
	general RIR policies.


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