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Behavioral aspects [Was: Re: Web typo-correction (Re: Sitefinder II, t he sequel...)]

  • From: Fergie
  • Date: Fri Jul 14 12:45:29 2006

I'm considering submitting a presentation proposal for the upcoming
NANOG which may include related 'stuff'. It may just turn out to be
a BoF , or prehaps a lightning talk -- it depends on how the
presentation turns out...  :-)

Instead of 'correction mechanisms', it would be looking specifically
at behavioral aspects of some of this.

- ferg

-- "Edward B. DREGER" <[email protected]> wrote:

(Note that I've not examined OpenDNS's offering, so I'm _not_ pretending
to comment on what they do.)

Let's quit looking at overly-simplistic correction mechanisms.  Do spell
checkers force autocorrection with only a single choice per misspelled

Return an A RR that points <correction service>-controlled system.  Said
system examines HTTP "Host" header, then returns a page listing multiple

"The site you specified does not exist.  Here is a list of sites that
you may be trying to access: ..."

I'm generally ignoring other protocols to limit the discussion scope.
However, one can see how SMTP and FTP might be similarly handled.  (IMHO
not as good as a SRV-ish system that could return NXDOMAIN per service,
but actually somewhat usable today.)



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