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Re: Silicon-germanium routers?

  • From: David W. Hankins
  • Date: Tue Jun 20 17:10:12 2006

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 12:59:54PM -0700, Tony Li wrote:
> Sure doesn't sound like it.  In fact, it sound like they're pushing to a
> high frequency regardless of the power and thermal consequences.

I thought their 500 Ghz number was just for rediculous press teasing,
like the people who use lHe to push AMD chips to ~10 Ghz.

The 350 Ghz 'at room temperature' insinuation is the most interesting
to me.

> It also sounds like it's a single transistor.  It takes a few of them to
> make a router.  ;-)

I haven't seen any evidence to support or contradict this, so I'll
take your word for it...

A single-transistor test on a single chip would be both ludicrous
and incomparable.

> I also suspsect that the community is not ready to transition to
> liquid-cooled systems.

I rather assumed 'at room temperature' implied a standard heat sink
and fan.

Perhaps there's not enough information in that article to draw a
conclusion from.

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