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RE: Silicon-germanium routers?

  • From: Tony Li
  • Date: Tue Jun 20 16:07:16 2006


> IBM and Georgia Institute of Technology are experimenting 
> with silicon-
> germanium, it is said here:
> I find this interesting having just attended NANOG 37 where some
> manufacturers of network devices told us in a panel that network
> heat problems weren't going away unless there's a 'next big thing'
> in manufacturing process.
> Is this it?

Sure doesn't sound like it.  In fact, it sound like they're pushing to a
high frequency regardless of the power and thermal consequences.

It also sounds like it's a single transistor.  It takes a few of them to
make a router.  ;-)

I also suspsect that the community is not ready to transition to
liquid-cooled systems.