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Re: wrt joao damas' DLV talk on wednesday

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Tue Jun 13 17:15:31 2006

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, Rick Wesson wrote:
> ... and alice has been working on deploying the .org DNSSEC testbed for 
> 6 months now. Thus far my experence with deploying DNSSEC is: its just 
> hard, not fun and for a lack of a better word... it SUCKS.
> In the last 6months since we deployed it, not one sole has clicked on 
> the [now broken] _SECURE DOMAIN_ link to enable .ORG dnssec capabilities.
> I know we are a tiny registrar but none of our clients thought it 
> important enough to even try clicking on the _SECURE DOMAIN_ link. So, 
> even DLV is going to take a tremendous marketing effort to get folks to 
> differentiate it from LOCK_DOMAIN which merely prevents the domain from 
> being updated or transfered.
> DLV is a huge task so be supportive because it will probably fail just 
> like DNSSEC is ...but we might just learn something.

Not every domain out there needs what DNS-SEC can give.

Not every domain out there is for a legit site, even if it will use

A site that cares about its domain being verified as being the right site,
would use DNS-SEC. Banks, the root servers, eCommerce, etc.

Problem is, in the days of attacks against organizations being directed at
users, the verifying client can be thrown aside. That said, it's less
problems to fight and makes one front more secure - which is the
infrastructure. Strike, that, less of a wh*re for everyone to (ab)use.


> -rick
> Paul Vixie wrote:
> >>> can you say "does not scale?"
> >> Indeed.
> > 
> > this is why we're trying to sign up some registrars, starting with alice's,
> > who can send us blocks of keys based on their pre-existing trust
> > relationships.