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Re: wrt joao damas' DLV talk on wednesday

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Tue Jun 13 13:53:51 2006

On 13-Jun-2006, at 13:27, Randy Bush wrote:

the isc web page now says

    Before it is accepted into the zone, ISC will
    perform checks to ensure the keys are being used in the
    requested zone, that the persons making the request are who
    they claim to be and that they are authorised by the domain
    holder to request the inclusion of the keys in the zone.

    This check will require an in-person meeting with authorised
    ISC staff to verify documentation.

so, there will be strange travel costs incurred, but we have no
idea what actual checks will be done.  when charles mussisi flies
from kampala to redwood city, will he be expected to have brougt
the zone key with him on cdrom or something, and you'll check his
passport against the iana cctld registry and then accept the key?
I don't profess to speak for ISC here, but it may be worth noting that ISC staff continue to spend a lot of time travelling to operator meetings, workshops, root server installations and RIR and ICANN meetings. Outreach and community participation is one of the core things that ISC does.

It's not unreasonable to think that for a lot of zone operators (ccTLD or otherwise), the mountain will eventually come to Mohammed, and travel by the zone operator won't be necessary.

In the case of Uganda, by way of example, I've met Charles in person several times, and I'm sure we will do so again. I remain on ISC's books as an unpaid volunteer. If I can help Charles and ISC on some mutually-agreeable project I would of course be happy to.

The social tendrils of ISC run longer and deeper than many people realise. Perhaps this is one of the things that makes ISC a good organisation to anchor projects like DLV.

and, when the iana redelates the UG zone, how will you know this
and stop handing out a bogus key?
I can't answer that question. My expertise in this area is less about the crypto, and more about the beer :-)