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Re: a fun hijack: 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 7/8, 8/8, 12/8 briefly announced by AS 23520 (today)

  • From: Todd Underwood
  • Date: Thu Jun 08 17:08:35 2006

josh, all,

these are always fun.  these events continue to be a problem for all
of us.  

> Check out the IAR for "Potential Prefix Hijacks" and if you're coming
> to this more than 24 hours after the post, do a search on AS 23520 as
> the hijacking AS.

here are some other details that we saw about this event.

- as of two days ago 23520 only originated 26 prefixes
- yesterday they originated 2821 prefixes.  this event was about a lot
  more than a few /8s.
- we still see them originating 140 prefixes, as of this afternoon

here's a list of the prefixes that we saw them originate yesterday
that were not originated two days ago.  the average amount of time a
peer of renesys's saw those prefixes routed was about 80 seconds.

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