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Re: Zebra/linux device production networking?

  • From: David Coulson
  • Date: Tue Jun 06 19:00:49 2006

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Mark D. Kaye wrote:
> I would be interested to know how many "software" (for want of a better
> description) routers are in live production in this kind of environment
> i.e. the 99.9999% Uptime variety, from speaking to people albeit
> randomly in data centres it would seem to be more common than one might
> expect.

With the prevalence of Metro Ethernet, I'd think it's probably a pretty
common thing. People run firewalls as routers (stuff like CheckPoint),
which is basically Linux or FreeBSD, although not with EGP/IGP.

> Also does anyone have any peering policies which would exclude peers
> with "software" routers specifically, most have a requirement for the
> ability to support stable BGP peering but I have not seen any specific
> exclusions for such "devices"? 

MD5 authed BGP sessions might be an issue - At least with Linux it
requires a kernel patch (works for me). I'd peered with plenty of big
carriers with Linux stuff and they don't care. I probably have more
issues with a carrier I peer with who uses Juniper and feeds me my
prefixes at a rate of about 50/sec, rather than 2000/sec that I get from
others using Cisco (My gear is Cisco in this instance)

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