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Re: Usage-based billing

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Wed May 03 17:51:36 2006

ravi wrote:
Hello all,

read through the charter/guidelines and I believe (hopefully correctly!)
that my questions are not out of place. I am looking for advice on usage
based billing solutions. I am interested both in the data collector /
collection part and the billing part, and would ideally want separation
between these two parts (so that the collector could be used with
alternate billing systems, including in-house ones).

Any suggestions on NetFlow/SFlow use? Tools (apart from Cflowd and
flow-tools)? Commercial solutions? What are the general concerns with
using NetFlow for billing? I understand I am asking a question that is
very wide in scope, but would appreciate even generic pointers in response.

Also, Juniper provides a set of alternate Network Accounting Solutions
as their "response" to Flow-based accounting. Any pointers to comparison
of their solution with others? Experiences? Implementation documents?

Thank you,


How do you count DoS and SPAM? They are not wanted. Do you charge for them?

Just a silly user question :)

Kind regards
Peter and Karin

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