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Re: Is your ISP Influenza-ready?

  • From: David W. Hankins
  • Date: Tue Apr 18 16:50:58 2006

On Tue, Apr 18, 2006 at 12:43:11PM -0700, Crist Clark wrote:
> Barry Shein wrote:
> >So if you're really expecting something as macro as 40% of the
> >population dropping dead I think one has to think much bigger and much
> >more in the realm of unexpected consequences.
> Uhh... I think, I _hope_ that we are talking about 40% of your
> workforce NOT SHOWING UP TO THE OFFICE for days or weeks, not
> dropping dead, not even necessarily getting sick.

A slightly different aggregate: 40% of your workforce being unable to

Some portion of that might be death, grieving, being sick, helping
family or friends that are sick, fighting off zombies, or searching
aimlessly for human brains to consume.

That is to say that some of the remaining 60 may be working from home.

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