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Re: recommendations regarding IPS

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Fri Mar 31 20:49:55 2006

Edward W. Ray wrote:
Tipping Point IPS is the gold standard these days. Signature-based, which
annual fee to get the signatures. Signatures are usually weekly at a
minimum. I use the Unity 50, but they do have Gbps IPS. All of their IPSes
are "bump-in-the-wire" which means that you do not have to assign an address
(operates at layer2 instead of layer 3).
Not to say anything about Edward, but this thread is going to be mostly full of commercial injections.

Except for one network I have been in charge with I have never found the need for any I[DP]S product and find them an almost complete waste of time and money.