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Re: Network graphics tools

  • From: Andrew Burnette
  • Date: Tue Mar 21 23:29:37 2006

Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:

Much of the enterprise market seems wedded to Visio as their network graphics tool, which locks them into Windows. Personally, I hate both little pictures of equipment and Cisco hockey-puck icons; I much prefer things like rectangles saying "7507 STL-1" or "M160 NYC-3".

Assuming you use *NIX platforms (including BSD under Mac OS X), what are your preferred tools for network drawings, both for internal and external use? I'd hate to be driven to Windows only because I need Visio. is an alternative as well.

I personally use Dia, and it seems fine in both OS types, and exports various types of files that [OOo/MS-office] can deal with easily.

You can download shapes for a variety of presenters/office/visio/etc from the cisco website (as well as others).