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Re: Middle Eastern Exchange Points

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Thu Feb 09 10:40:56 2006

On 9-Feb-2006, at 02:19, [email protected] wrote:

But back to EMIX. Maybe they do not offer any peering today
but is it true that they actively prohibit any companies
with routers at EMIX from peering?
There is no "at EMIX". EMIX is an ISP, AS 8966, with network connecting various cities in UAE, and to various locations outside UAE (e.g. New York). If you are connected to EMIX, you are a transit customer of Emirates Telecom.

There is no more ability for two customers of 8966 to bring up a peering session with each other via EMIX than there is for two customers of 701 to peer with each other. If you can agree that 701 is not an exchange point, then it should be clear that 8966 is also not an exchange point.

EMIX is used for the exchange of traffic between organisations in UAE in the following sense: since it is the only way to obtain Internet access in UAE, and since it's the common transit provider for everybody else, it follows that traffic between any two other organisations will flow through AS 8966.

However, EMIX is not an exchange point according to any common use of that term today.

Is it really worthwhile arguing about what names are used
in a non-Western country where English is not the language
normally spoken?
I don't hear anybody passing judgement on the marketing departments of Emirates Telecom. I just hear continued confusion as to whether or not there is an exchange point in UAE (there isn't).

Perhaps that is clear, now.