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Re: Issue AS and Subnet Announcment on BGP - Conflict with a majorTelCO - 30h+ of route flapping unresolved

  • From: Alain Hebert
  • Date: Wed Nov 16 00:17:42 2005


( There is more interesting details but I will reserve myself. (; )

We're already working on making contact with the upstreams, but you're right I forgot about making more specific announcement.

Thanks again.

Charles Gucker wrote:

On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 11:46:35PM -0500, Alain Hebert wrote:


I know somebody that is experiencing route flapping for more than a day now and we found out 10h ago that it was due to the announcement of his subnet by a major TelCO.

Once that telco contacted, we got the run around for 10h now and no willingness from their part to fix the problem immediately.

Well, a 'normal' solution (short term) would be to announce more specific announcements of your address space, then contact said Telco's
upstream providers to have your prefix filtered from their connection(s).
A nicely worded (polite) email/fax would go a long way with the NOC.

This is of course, if they are not returning your calls, or as
you say giving you the run around. I would also try to find a sympathetic
body at the telco to help to properly resolve the issue, so you can go back
to announcing only your aggregate netblock.

We're wondering what is the proper process to make the TelCo correct their behavior and cooperate?
(ARIN Conflict Resolution Process, etc ... We found nothing about this situation)

ARIN will not step in here. They allocate resources, they do not
police or enforce those resources.


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