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Re: oh k can you see

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Sat Nov 05 18:45:31 2005

> Maybe I'm missing something, but the core issue is that the NO- 
> EXPORT'ed anycast instance has a higher localpref inside the AS it's  
> being advertised to, and as such supressing the non-NO_EXPORT'ed  
> prefix. The "exportable" prefix gets suppressed at a point on the  
> network such that the peering routers never see it, so it never makes  
> it out of that AS.

it willl lose the best path war at the point it is down-preffed.
if that is done at the entrance, then the route is useless.  if it
is done at some intermediate points, it's hell to create and
maintain a consistent net-wide config.