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Re: freebsd hands on in westin?

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Nov 04 16:04:46 2005

> anyone around who can do a freebsd hands-on in westin this
> eve or tomorrow?
> ...

for general info and public thanks.

the first folk both near and freebsd-clueful to respond were
  Moses Leslie <[email protected]>
  David Kirchner <[email protected]>

this morning (well, my morning:-), david went into our rack
  o fixed a miscabled floppy (yes, this machine is pre wwii
    and still has a floppy drive)
  o configed the bios to boot on power up (dead battery?)
  o stuck in a pci vga
  o stuck in a freebsd 4.x cd
  o fixed the boot block that we had mangled
  o and has not even expressed his disgust at the state
    of that rack

deep thanks to david and moses.  i hope they'll have lunch
on us at icon or palace kitchen.