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Re: classful routes redux

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Nov 04 16:13:43 2005

>>> Is AS reclaimation an option? We don't know how many 'dark'
>>> (unadvertised) AS numbers are used as VPN IDs in 2547 contexts.
>> do we care?  i.e. does it affect the real public internet.  are
>> these not like 1918?
> nope, they need to be unique... or they SHOULD BE unique (globally
> unique).  As more folks interconnect internally (business mergers,
> partnerships, things such as this) there will be more clashes on 1918
> (raising the evil spectre that is NOT the AC-130, but in fact NAT) and ASN
> clashes resulting in fragile internal networks needing an ASN swap-out...
> which is devilishly hard so I've heard. (atleast on a large network)

we either believe in private ip/asn space or we don't.  if we do,
then this asn usage falls under it.

>> and how much money will lawers make off the ensuing riot?
> lawYers will always make money.

sorry.  typing while dealing with remote server messes.

> but I'm not sure that 'unadvertised' is the metric you want to
> use here. 'unpaid' might be better.

please see what we promised fnc when we formed arin, slide nine of
<>.  i think this is
perceived as the social contract with the legacy community.  and
some old legacy dogs are pretty adamant about this, hi jis.

and we have both a simple and a more complex compatible transition
path to four byte asns.  it's ip addresses where we have no
compatible transition path.  eye on doughnut and all that.