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Re: cogent+ Level(3) are ok now

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Wed Nov 02 14:59:54 2005

> Sounds like an extremely short-sighted view of the Net and it's
> economics. Claiming content providers should be charged for "using"
> broadband access-pipes is fine and dandy, but coveniently forgetting
> that without content there probably wouldn't be a great deal of
> customers wanting broadband in the first place is a bit sloppy, no?

while valid, this argument plays into the power play game.

the key point is that the content providers already paid
once for transport [0], as did the content users.

we may need more gummint support to keep the rbocs from 
abusing their subsidized monopoly ownership of the last
mile.  two years ain't enough to get the cartel-minded
out of control of the fcc.



[0] - whether to transit upstreams or by deploying a large network
      themselves (aol)