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  • From: Wallace Keith
  • Date: Thu Oct 13 13:27:52 2005

Nortel OM3400 (up to OC 12)  or 3500 (if you need more than an OC12)
series work great and are widely deployed in just about every CO I've
ever been in. We use them and have had no issues.

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Subject: SONET MUX


We are looking for a OC3 -> 3xDS3 MUX.  (If it can grow up to a OC12 ->
12xDS3 thats a plus)
Sonet side will be 1+1 protected

I have looked at the following equipment is there any other sonet muxes
that i should look at?

Adtran Opti-3
Adtran OPTI-6100
Cisco ONS 15310, 15327
Fujitsu Flashwave 4010, 4100, 4300
Fujitsu FLM 150

Does anybody have and horror stories about the products that i have
listed, recommendations, other products???