North American Network Operators Group

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  • From: Erik Sundberg
  • Date: Thu Oct 13 13:14:27 2005


We are looking for a OC3 -> 3xDS3 MUX.  (If it can grow up to a OC12 ->
12xDS3 thats a plus)
Sonet side will be 1+1 protected

I have looked at the following equipment is there any other sonet muxes that
i should look at?

Adtran Opti-3
Adtran OPTI-6100
Cisco ONS 15310, 15327
Fujitsu Flashwave 4010, 4100, 4300
Fujitsu FLM 150

Does anybody have and horror stories about the products that i have listed,
recommendations, other products???