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Re: Fwd: The Root has got an A record

  • From: Janet Sullivan
  • Date: Mon Oct 10 11:57:18 2005

Joe Blanchard wrote:
Hmm, B has the same one, and C has all the other Roots listed
as A records. Would/could this really cause any sort of an issue
Its not records like 369 IN A

that are the issue. That's as it should be. (Well... if you accept that public-root should be. ;-) )

This record, however, is not correct:

. 172800 IN A

That is the root.

For those of you who need reminding on how DNS works...

. the root
/ | \
/ | \
/ | \
.com .net .org top level domains
| |
| |
yahoo bgp4 domain names
| |
| |
www sea host (or subdomain)

The trailing dot is left out in day to day use when we use URLS like - however, its really - note the dot on the end. That's the root.

Having an A record for the root is one better than having an A record for, say, .edu. In other words, this shouldn't work:

[] (ciscogeek) nslookup .

Name: .

As for what issues it could cause, I'm not sure. I can't think of any off hand, but who knows what poorly written application may not be expecting an A record for the root.

For most people though, it doesn't matter, because they aren't using public-root in the first place.

I now return you to the Cogent/Level3 thread.