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Re: Fwd: The Root has got an A record

  • From: Peter
  • Date: Mon Oct 10 12:26:28 2005
  • Newsgroups: newsgate.nanog

Janet Sullivan <[email protected]> wrote:
> Having an A record for the root is one better than having an A
> record for, say, .edu. In other words, this shouldn't work:

The content at made me wonder if they'd not in
fact put in a *wildcard* record in the root zone. It turns out that
they haven't, so there's still some more lack of DNS Clue that hasn't
yet been demonstrated.

My swerver room, my patch panels. By the time they figure out why none of the
ports on their floor box work anymore I'll be done, dusted and down the pub
with a pint of something brewed with yeast that was smarter than they are.
					- a fed up BOFH in the Monastery