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Re: Operational impact of depeering

  • From: Todd Underwood
  • Date: Mon Oct 10 11:26:30 2005

> > It would be great if we could shift focus and think about the 
> > operations impact of depeering vs. just the political and/or 
> > contractual ramifications.
> > Have there been any proposals put forth to the NANOG PC to review 
> > this highly visible depeering at the NANOG meeting this month?

in the past, we (renesys) have done reports on the impact on global
routing from various kinds of internet (and extra-internet) events,
like the 9121 leak of the full table last year, the 2003 blackouts in
the northeastern US, and the landfall of hurricane katrina.  

i've made a suggestion to the PC that we would be willing to do a
quick report on the (3)/Cogent situation, purely from a routing
perspective, if there is interest.  the idea would be to lay some
facts to the speculation from a routing perspective:

	size/# of singly homed downstreams of each
	apparent weight/utilization of the edge between them
	impact of the disconnection (what paths gained the most)

that sort of thing.  put some context to this as seen from a fairly
large peerset (we can mix in routeviews and ripe ris peers if
necessary, too). if nov 9 is a serious re-de-peering date, it might be
interesting to have some of these facts in evidence beforehand. 

is there interest in something like this for oct nanog?  are there
facts other than those mentioned above that people would like to see
reported on (and that can be seen from routing tables--we don't have
traffic data and most people who do won't give them up for public

i don't want to waste time preparing it if people are over it already,
but would be happy to do something if there is interest.


todd underwood
director of operations & security
renesys - interdomain intelligence
[email protected]