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Re: How to multihome endusers [was: Cogent/Level 3 depeering]

  • From: william(at)
  • Date: Sun Oct 09 15:37:54 2005

Look into multi6 - which basically proposes new network layer above ip
but below tcp and that new layer would provide common end-point for system with multiple ip addresses.

A closer possibility right now is dns "multi-homing" based on incoming request ip, i.e. dns server would answer with one provider ip address if they are coming from cogent routed ip space and for another from l3 routed
ip space. This requires integration of bgp routing data with dns which has only been done by private implementations (I'm sure you all know who I mean) so far, but it would be a worthy project to do a open-source implementation of this technique if fragmentation of the internet continues to happen or becomes permanent.

On Sun, 9 Oct 2005, Peter Dambier wrote:

Yes, indeed, I think it makes sense to multihome my humble enduser pc.

Right now all I can get is aDSL and it does not matter what provider
because they all use DTAG.DE infrastructure.

Maybe cable will be choce. It is not as fast as aDSL at least not here
and it will take another two or three years until they deploy it. If
it does not get shot on site again by the regulation office or the
cartell office again.

So I will end up having a cable-modem speaking ethernet/PPPoE and an
aDSL-modem speaking ethernet/ tcp/ip and DHCP.

My ip adresses probably will be for aDSL and for the cable.

I can talk to, they will allow a second ip for


Its entry will look a bit like this one:


So I will end up with 3 names and 2 ip addresses for my humble

Do I need BGP now or OSPF or can I rely on RIP.
Do I need an AS number?
How do I get it?

Imagine not a fool like me is asking this but some 32K end
users of DTAG.DE connected to a DSLAM at Franfurt/Main in

I guess the number of end users disconnected be Cogent and
Level 3 is not much smaller.

Asbestos parapluis opened.
Shoot now!

Peter and Karin Dambier :)

[email protected] wrote:
On Sat, 08 Oct 2005 20:41:55 BST, "Stephen J. Wilcox" said:

my rule would be if your provider can manage an autonomous system better than you and multihoming isnt a requirement of your business then let them take on the management

I'm willing to bet there's a lot of single-homed customers of both Cogent and
L3 that 2 weeks ago didn't think multihoming was a requirement of their
business either, who now are contemplating it. Plus possibly some single-homed
customers of other large providers as well.

Anybody want to start a pool on how many new AS numbers will get issued as a
result of this tiff, and what percent will commit a BGP whoopsie that impacts
more than just themselves within the first 6 months?

On the other hand, I see a business opportunity to sell new customers insurance
against self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the feet here. Some providers might
even consider selling a managed service at a slight loss, just for self-defense.. :)

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
[email protected]