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Re: Level 3's side of the story

  • From: jmalcolm
  • Date: Sun Oct 09 10:49:29 2005

Richard A Steenbergen writes:
>For anyone keeping score, the 
>last two times Cogent was depeered, it responded by intentionally blocking 
>connectivity to the network in question, despite the fact that both of 
>those networks were Sprint customers and thus perfectly reachable under 
>the Sprint transit Cogent gets from Verio. While no one has come forward 
>to say if the Cogent/Verio agreement is structured for full transit or 
>only Sprint/ATDN routes, Cogent has certainly set a precedent for 
>intentionally disrupting connectivity in response to depeering, as a scare 
>tactic to keep other networks from depeering them.

Without getting into the question of what is "right", it's perfectly
plausible that the Cogent-Verio interconnection is structured such
that Verio didn't send Cogent routes to FT via Sprint. Consider the
hypothetical case where Verio might peer with FT.