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Re: Cogent/Level 3 depeering

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sun Oct 09 00:36:12 2005

> I'm willing to bet there's a lot of single-homed customers of both Cogent
> and L3 that 2 weeks ago didn't think multihoming was a requirement of
> their business either, who now are contemplating it.  Plus possibly some
> single-homed customers of other large providers as well.

any ISP likely to be involved in a peering dispute is a reliability risk,
and whether it's because others keep de-peering them or because they keep
de-peering others, doesn't matter.  i liked the advice heard here the other
day-- if you have to single home, do it through a tier-2 or tier-1.5 ISP
without transit-free aspirations.  they'll remain connected to the riskier
ISP's no matter what the riskier ISP's are doing to each other this week.
Paul Vixie